What Our Patients Say About Back To Health Chiropractic

When I first went to Back To Health Chiropractic, I had a lot of back pain. I struggled to walk my mail route and couldn’t play sports without pain. I couldn’t sleep on my stomach. Since I’ve been seeing the doctors at Back To Health, I no longer have pain at work. I can play sports without pain and sleep much more soundly than before. If you`re thinking about chiropractic, it`s the best! Some people are afraid or skeptical. I can tell you there is nothing to be afraid of. It`s worth it." T.B.

"I started chiropractic care because my hands and wrists were not working properly. I had numbness, a prickling feeling, and I was unable to make a fist. The pain affected my work and family time. I held onto a frozen water bottle to help alleviate some of the pain. I would get up in the middle of the night to run cold water over my hands. Chiropractic has really helped me get back to normal. I no longer need to carry around an ice bottle and I don`t feel uncomfortable doing chores or while sleeping. I can walk hand-in-hand with my grandchildren again! Back To Health has very professional doctors that are willing to talk to you and answer questions. They stayed in contact with my family physician. If someone asks me what I think about chiropractic, I say, Go! The results will make you feel better.”

"I was in an automobile accident when I started getting chiropractic treatments. I was off work and my family activities were very limited. I had problems doing household chores and my recreation was next to none. My sleep was very restless. Now that I have had chiropractic care, I work pain free everyday. I am much more relaxed and can enjoy doing things with my family. I have no limitations on household chores and anything goes for recreation! I sleep so much better. At other chiropractic offices, it was always the same thing, adjust me and out the door. At Back To Health, the doctors took time to figure out what my problems were. I would, and already have, recommended Back To Health Chiropractic. My friends saw the pain I was in and now they see how great I`m doing." L.M.

"I had terrible headaches. I couldn’t get up and down when I played with my grandchildren. I had a lot of hip and leg pain when I rode in a car. After receiving chiropractic care at Back To Health, I have very few headaches. I can move much easier when playing with my family. I sleep much better. The "team" approach at Back To Health concentrates on the areas that need treatment. I highly recommend this office. The staff is very easy to work with and the doctors treat your problems with individualized care. I feel everyone there is concerned with my progress." T.G.

"I had a lot of lower back pain. It was hard to do my job properly. I couldn’t sit very long and couldn’t do much of anything. After the chiropractic treatments at Back To Health, I have very little pain. I sleep much better. I would recommend Back To Health Chiropractic to anyone. They are on time with their appointments and the staff is very friendly." G.H.

"I started chiropractic care because none of my specialists could figure out why I had so much pain in my neck and shoulders. In 2003, a family physician, neurologist, heart center doctors, and counselors were all taking turns to try and diagnose my problem. They were even looking at symptoms of a stroke. I was off work for 30 days. Chores at home were limited to doing only what was necessary. I had trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep. I was waking every 2 hours. Since I started chiropractic care, I have learned to stay aware of my posture when sitting and doing computer work. I can now do my house cleaning without pain. With regular visits to the chiropractor, I am enjoying life again. Back To Health has a friendly staff that is always ready to help, and they are on time!" J.T.

"When I started chiropractic care at Back To Health, I had a lot of pain after 8 hours of work. My chores around the house were limited and I couldn’t sit for long periods of time. Back To Health has great, friendly, doctors and staff. The chiropractic care and strengthening exercises they gave me to do really helped the pain. If anyone asks me about chiropractic care I say, Go for it." S.G.

"My husband and I both had back problems. My pain kept me from enjoying my family. Housework was very painful. I didn’t sleep well at all. My husband had problems lifting anything without pain and he wasn’t sleeping well either. We both started chiropractic care at Back To Health and we feel so much better. We both sleep better and have so much less back pain. Back To Health is a great place. We recommend that you check it out for yourself!" J.B and C.B.

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